• pink balloons
    pink balloons
  • bike and shadow
    bike and shadow
  • Arm on shoulder
    Arm on shoulder
  • Olympic party
    Olympic party
  • kite
  • Ball in the air
    Ball in the air
  • father and son
    father and son
  • cigarette
  • White cross
    White cross
  • Flicks cigarette
    Flicks cigarette
  • Sideways glance
    Sideways glance
  • Elbow
  • Homeless
  • shops alone
    shops alone
  • At the check out
    At the check out
  • Argument
  • Scales
  • grey hat
    grey hat
  • performer
  • Under the bridge
    Under the bridge

This project came out of a trip I took to China in 2005. I have been visiting the East Broadway section of Manhattan’s Chinatown since, making a portrait of a neighborhood.

East Broadway is a small, less visited section of  Chinatown. Many of the residents are recent arrivals from the Southeastern province of Fujian. This is the end of one journey, of trying to get here, and the beginning of another journey -- staying here and becoming an American.

At the same time this neighborhood is slowly losing it’s unique character through gentrification.


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